CG0725 33/30

New Adidas CG0725 Aero-Burner BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat 2/58"

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The Adidas Aero Burner is one incredible bat! Constructed using a one-piece Burner Alloy design, this bat guarantees superior durability, and explosive power with every hit! Featuring a streamlined barrel and AeroBurner technology, this bat allows nothing but maximum bat speeds and control with every swing!

The Aero Burner’s Textin end cap extends the sweet spot and enhances balance allowing this bat to be extremely well balanced and easy to swing. Wrapped around the handle is EQT Grip tape tackified to eliminate all vibration, sting, and discomfort. Additionally, the silver and purple colorway is sure to stand out in the fields and batting cages!

  • -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8” Barrel Diameter
  • BBCOR Certified - Approved for High School and Collegiate Play
  • Legal for Play In Intermediate (50-70) & Junior League Divisions Of Little League
  • One-Piece Burner Alloy Construction
  • Streamlined Barrel
  • Aeroburner Technology
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • Textin End Cap
  • EQT Grip Tape

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