New DeMarini VSC12 Versus BBCOR Baseball Bat Aluminum 2 5/8" Barrel 2012

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Size: 32/29
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The DeMarini Versus has a uniquely shaped barrel that makes its barrel longer, giving the player an increased sweet spot. A full aluminum design using DeMarini"s SC4 Alloy, this two-piece bat is thickness tuned along the length of the barrel and the handle. The SC4 Alloy, and thickness tuned handle allow for all the energy from the players swing to get transferred to the ball.

Marked with a Rotation Index, players are reminded to rotate their bat allowing for a more even break-in and longer life. The DeMarini Versus is just the bat for players looking for a crushing blow.

  • -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 1/2" barrel diameter
  • BBCOR Certification
  • S4 Alloy Barrel
  • S4 Alloy Handle
  • Rotation Index
  • Two-Piece Design
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