New Easton Stealth BST34 Senior League Bat 2 3/4" Baseball

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Size: 31/22
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Easton has done it once again and brought players a bat that will allow them to have the optimal performance on the pitch every time they use it. Easton developed the New Stealth with their patented Extended Flex design that extends the sweet spot by increasing the barrel flex towards the end of the bat.

The Stealth is made with a Scandium 900 Alloy, the strongest alloy on the market that will guarantee players durability throughout the years. Additionally, ConneXion technology ensures that all energy is transferred from the handle to the barrel, and that none can escape!

  • -9 Length-to-Weight ratio
  • 2 3/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Does not have the USSSA stamp
  • Easton`s Exclusive SC900 Scandium Alloy-strongest and toughest on the market
  • Patented Opti-Flex CNT carbon fiber handle
  • Total-Peen, anodized finish
  • Extended Barrel for maximum hitting area
  • Handle flex 3 times greater than aluminum
  • CNT Carbon Nanotube technology
  • Patented ConneXion technology-efficient energy transfer from handle to barrel
  • 29/32” handle with Pro-Tack cushioned grip
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