SLXS 30/21A

New Louisville Omaha Stiff SLXS Senior League Bat 2 5/8" Baseball Red

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The TPX Omaha has been living up to the Louisville Slugger namesake for 20 years and this model is no different! This hybrid design bonds the ST+20 Alloy barrel and the 7C composite handle seamlessly, providing pristine performance. The extra-stiff graphite composite reinforced transition area allows for increased swing speed and power at the plate.

The Omaha's barrel is constructed with ST+ 20 Alloy, which has years of proven strength, performance, feel, and pop that players have come to rely on. With the TPX Omaha's design, a larger focus was placed on the sweetspot and extended barrel, allowing solid contact to be easier and the stiff handle to produce more barrel flex resulting in maximum trampoline effect.

  • -9 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8" Barrel Diameter
  • 7C Composite Handle/ST+20 Alloy Barrel
  • Graphite Composite Reinforced Transition Area
  • Patented Pro Cup Endcap
  • Synthetic Leather Grip
  • 7/8 Inch Handle

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