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New Louisville SLS7160 Select 716 Senior League WARRANTY -10 2016

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Size: 28/18
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New Louisville SLS7160 Select 716 has a hybrid design that combines two of the best bat materials in the industry: a 100% composite handle and a barrel made from extremely tough AC21 Alloy. These two materials allow the Select 716 to keep the barrel walls thin for maximum trampoline and an extended sweet spot for maximum power without sacrificing any durability of the bat.

The 716 features an end loaded swing weight perfect for power hitters! Additionally, wrapped around the handle is a lizard skin grip ensuring that zero vibration, sting or discomfort can be felt. Combined, the swing weight and grip both ensure every player maximum power and comfort season after season.

  • -10 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Features USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp
  • AC21 Alloy Barrel / 100% Composite Handle
  • Three-Piece, Hybrid Design
  • Lizard Skins Grip - Enhanced Softness and Tackiness
  • TRU3 - Featuring Dynamic Socket Connection that Allows for Slight Movement Between Barrel & Handle
  • Updated Bat Profile - Creates a Barrel Up to 40% Longer Than Previous Models
  • 7/8 Inch Tapered Handle
  • Free Shipping!
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