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New Louisville Slugger Exogrid 2 SL12EX2 Senior League Baseball Bat White

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Size: 32/23
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The ExoGrid 2 is one of the most innovative bats ever created. Using SC21 Scandium Alloy known for its durable and responsive nature, the metal is trimmed into a grid-like pattern on the handle and replaced with carbon composite inserts, which are several times stronger than the metal that was originally there.

Inside the ExoGrid, a carbon composite sleeve can be found providing a greater handle stiffness than alloy alone. With ExoGrid Bi/Fusion Process a combination of head and extreme pressure bond everything into a single-solid unit. According to reviews, this bat packs a punch that's hot right out of the wrapper. People cant get enough of this bat!

  • -9 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8" Barrel Diameter
  • Features USSSA 1.15 Stamp
  • One-Piece AC21 Scandium Alloy Design
  • LS-2X Composite Construction
  • 7/8" Standard Synthetic Grip
  • Pro Cup End Cap
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