• New Marucci Elite Senior League Baseball Bat: MSBE14
MSBE14 29/19

New Marucci Elite Senior League Baseball Bat: MSBE14

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Based on Marucci's experience at the highest level of the game, Marucci knows that every player can benefit from having a bat tailored to their exact swing and style. Marucci has also learned, however, that the vast majority of players perform better with the most balanced bats. This knowledge, combined with the desire to help build the best hitters in baseball, have been the driving forces behind the development of the Marucci Elite line of bats. While most of the industry was working to shave fractions of ounces from their bat designs, Marucci set out to reduce their barrel weights by over 2 ounces. Such a dramatic weight reduction was not possible with standard bat manufacturing processes, but after a year of intensive research and testing, Marucci has developed and patented such a technology and is incorporating it into their new line of Elite bats. -10 Length to Weight Ratio 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter Balanced Swing Weight AZ3000 Alloy Barrel Features USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp

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