• New Marucci Elite Senior Youth Baseball bat -10OZ MSBELI
MSBELI 31/21

New Marucci Elite Senior Youth Baseball bat -10OZ MSBELI

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A faster bat means a more powerful swing. With speed in mind,Marucci took an innovative approach to bat design for the Marucci Elite. The multimaterial barrel combines the revolutionary and ultra-responsive AZ3000 alloy with carbon fiber to reduce the barrel weight and remove unnecessary components of traditional bat designs. The result is a balanced, fast swinging bat specially designed for you to turn bat speed into extreme power! Seamless two-piece construction maximizes the transfer of energy Carbon composite handle Ring-free barrel combines carbon fiber and AZ3000 alloy to lower swing weights without sacrificing performance Patented Unequal aramid-reinforced grip silences the sting of off-center hits 2 5/8" barrel -10 ounce drop BPF 1.15 Approved Patented carbon fiber barrel end allows for the redistribution of weight, maximizing balance and bat speed

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