New Marucci MVEICB15-CH/BK Pro Model Maple Carlos Beltran Wood Baseball Bat

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Size: 33"
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To play like a professional, you need a bat of a professional like the Marucci CB15. The CB15 model is made with the decade-old Bone Rubbing technique that has been used by renowned names of the baseball world. This technique closes the wood`s pores, compressing it and making the bat harder, which improves the balance, but keeps the overall power in every hit.

Featuring an end-loaded swing weight, this bat ensures maximum swing speeds and power with every hit! A pro-cup end cap improves weight distribution allowing the player more control over their bat. Additionally, the brown and black finish is sure to stand out in the fields and batting cages!

  • Approximate -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • Large Barrel
  • Handcrafted from Top-Quality Maple Wood
  • Handle: 0.91 Inch Diameter
  • Knob: 1.93 Inch Diameter
  • Ideal for Players with Experience Hitting with Wood Bats
  • Bone Rubbing Technique - Closes Pores to Compress and Make the Wood Harder
  • Pro Cupped End - Improves Weight Distribution
  • Carlos Beltran Game-Day Model
  • * 30 Day Manufacturer's Warranty *
  • Free Shipping!
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