New Marucci Professional Cut Pure Maple Black/Slvr Pro cut Wood Baseball Bat

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Size: 34
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Marucci dedicates the utmost attention to every single bat they produce. For the first time ever, Marucci is offering BLEM bats, models that didn't meet their top-level standards for any reason during production.

These flaws can be Tiger Striping in the wood, uneven grain, light/heavy billets or other minor cosmetic flaws in the wood, but one thing will never be compromised and that is a superb performance each time you swing a Marucci bat.

  • Approximate -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • Handcrafted From Top-Quality Maple Wood
  • Bone Rubbing Technique - Closes Pores to Compress and Make the Wood Harder
  • Pro Cupped End
  • Well Balanced Bat
  • Recommended for Batting Practice or Cage Hitting
  • Assorted Patterns from Marucci's Production Line
  • Free Shipping!
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