New Rawlings 2023 ICON Baseball Bat USSSA 2 Piece Composite Black/Metal

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Size: 30/25
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PERFECT GRIP | Premium RevGrip material provides unmatched cushion and tack ZERO LOSS TECHNOLOGY | A strengthened connection join and innovative collar design create smooth, seamless energy transfer from handle to barrel, eliminating drag and vibration in the process SEAMLESS CARBON CONSTRUCTION | In/Tense Carbon Composite engineering maximizes barrel sizes, maintains stiffness, and boosts trampoline BUILT FOR SPEED: Tuned Balance swing weight creates maximum bat speed that plays to any unique swing style MATERIAL | Carbon composite CERTIFICATION | USSSA

  • Tuned Balanced Swing Weighting: Balanced, even swing weight adjusts to each batter's unique swing style.
  • In/Tense Composite: Maximizes barrel size while maintaining optimal stiffness, resulting in more trampoline off the bat.
  • Zero-Loss Collar and Connection Joint: creates a smooth connection between handle and barrel to eliminate any drag or vibration.
  • REVGRIP: an innovative grip material that provides unmatched feel and tack
  • USSSA NTS 1.15 Stamp
  • Approved for play in USSSA Leagues and Tournaments
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