New Rawlings Velo 110VB0 Ash Wood Baseball Bat Bone Rubbed Natural

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Size: 34
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The New Rawlings Velo 110VB0 was developed with one thing in mind: increase the swing speed and with it, the swing power. Rawlings understands the value of a good bat and how it can boost the performance, which is why they dedicated hours to developing the whole design of the Velo.

It's made of Northern White Ash and enforced through the use of a technique called bone rubbing where each bat is rubbed with an animal bone to close the pores of the wood and create a harder, more compressed wood. This technique has been used by renowned names in the baseball world, such as Joe DiMaggio and Babe Ruth.

  • Turn Model: 110
  • Northern White Ash
  • Bone Rubbed For Hardness and Durability
  • Superior Balance and Feel
  • Designed to Increase Swing VELOcity
  • Cupped End
  • Natural Finish
  • Extraordinary Durability
  • Medium Barrel and Handle
  • Free Shipping!
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