New Warstic Gunner BBCOR Alloy Barrel Power Balanced -3 Gray/Brown

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Size: 34/31
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The 2022 Gunner BBCOR Metal Baseball Bat is completely redesigned for explosive power with a light swing feel. The all new Power Balanced construction is built for power hitters who want a whippy feel thru the zone and generate max pop with record breaking exit velo and distance. This 2-Piece Hybrid features a massive alloy barrel with a large sweet spot that still performs on mis-hits. Its composite handle is easy on the hands with an ultra thin grip and new stiff connection joint that maximizes power output and minimizes negative feedback.

  • Power balanced - combination of max power with a light swing feel
  • 2 Piece Hybrid - Enhanced alloy barrel with ultra stiff composite handle allows for massive barrel size that whips thru the zone
  • Large sweet spot forgiving on mis-hits
  • New stiff connection joint for max power output while minimizing vibration in the hands
  • Ultra thin grip
  • Updated end cap with increased strength and durability
  • Matte gray finish, with glossy "Wartip"
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